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Ravenfield Beta update

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Ravenfield Beta update

We all can’t wait to play the full version of Ravenfield Beta update when it finally launches online. But even as a beta, it impresses us with thrilling gameplay, a decent choice of weapons and totally freaky atmosphere. Not so long ago, developers released another update adding a slew of new weapons, vehicles and maps. For instance, the available arsenal now includes SLAM-R AMR, Quicksilver and 357 Condor. The are also two additional turrets and Westland Wyvern, a brand new type of vehicle. The studio also updated the Dustbowl map and introduced two previously unknown locations: Archipelago and Temple. Aside from the basic team mode, you can now try campaign mode offering a whole different approach to the game. Finally, the clumsy square-headed bots now look more like humans, although you still have an option to switch back to ragdoll animation in the settings. Just like previously, the goal is to win a match against the enemy’s team by capturing its controlling points and eliminating its members. Show your strong sides, stay on guard and keep in touch with your allies to take over!

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