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Ravenfield Beta 8

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Game information

Ravenfield Beta 8

If you like shooters, there is a new name for you – Ravenfield Beta 8. This game is rather new, and it has some traits from indie family. You are to choose one color of two – red or blue, and join the team you like. They are practically of the equal abilities, so you can’t say that one is stronger than the other. The game is in the process of development, so if you feel that it lacks something, you can contact the author and share your ideas. The most desired update is a multiplayer version, and it can be added very soon.

You aren’t limited in the choice of weapons. You may use various guns to shoot your rivals, and you can pick up even the optical sight that will make you practically invincible. The game is long, and it is not limited by a couple of minutes. There are several missions, so the game is a bit more than just a set of shots and deaths of your enemies. Every completed task or vanquished rival gives you a certain number of points, and when you reach the number of two hundred, you will win. But it doesn’t mean that they are easy to get, and you will work hard to get this achievement.

When you start the game, you can choose a location. This can be land, sea or air, and you will be given certain vehicles that will help you in the process of the game. the world you are in isn’t realistic, but it doesn’t mean that it is dull or uninteresting. Moreover, more and more gamers find such approach extremely interesting and join the great team of followers. If you like tense gaming, when everything depends on your speed and ability to plan your strategy, you will be pleased by the Ravenfield. The more you practice – the more experience you get, and, thus, more likely you will get to the top.

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