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Ravenfield Beta 7

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Ravenfield Beta 7

All games are divided in genres, and everyone can get something he or she likes. And some of them can be tagged with a couple of genres, and here comes the most interesting thing. What will be, if you combine an indie game with a severe shooter? Well, this will be something extremely interesting, and it is worth playing anyway. A new fantastic combination is waiting for you in a dame Ravenfield Beta 7, that is a first-person shooter, and you will be amazed by the graphics that is used there. It isn’t that accurate, all you see are just two teams that have no particular traits or remarkable appearance. And this is good, because, when you are on the battlefield, you should think only about your safety, but not about your enemy’s eyes or figure. So, what traits of this game make it unique and different from others?

First of all, here you don’t start fighting from the very beginning, but you have to evolve at first. On the primary stage you will be a tiny cell that has to grow and become a warrior. Your every choice contributes to your ability to fight. If the process of grows was successful, you will join the blue army that will fight against the red team. You have a great variety of weapons, and you can use tanks, cars, helicopters and other vehicles to succeed in a battle. To win the fight you should get a certain amount of points, and it surely means that you have to kill plenty of enemies. Don’t miss a single opportunity to shoot your rival, because every second counts in this game. you should be quicker that your every opponent, and this is the major point that will bring you to the glorious victory. You can run across the battlefield, but you may sit a safe place and use optical gun to shoot your enemies from the distance. Remember that you should think about the ammunition beforehand, and you aren’t limited by guns. You will learn what you should take with you later, and now you may simply enjoy the game play, and kill everyone, who stands on your way.

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