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New Version

It started out as an experiment. Just for fun. And now it’s one of the most expected games of the year! Ravenfield, a first-person team shooter currently available in beta, will send you on an adrenaline-packed military assignment, with one group of soldiers set against another until one of them is fully eliminated. To win in this bloody combat, you don’t only have to be a great sniper, but also a team player. Only by acting as one your squad can hope for victory.

Each team is going to defend a certain number of controlling points while also being out to capture the areas controlled by the opponent. With a wide range of maps available, you can expect a hot action in diverse settings where you can use the environment to your advantage if you are cunning enough. So aside from sharp reflexes, this game also requires some tactical thinking.

You’ll be pleased to find out that there is an immense assortment of weapons to select. Every update adds new options to meet the needs of all player types. Moreover, you can use a wide choice of vehicles to move over the map, such as tanks and helicopters. Team up with your friends or play against random opponents from the entire world in the massive Ravenfield massacre!

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