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If you like shooting, Ravenfield Greenlight, a new online multiplayer game currently available in beta, will give you an opportunity to blow off steam! Although it’s fairly new, the FPS has already gained wide popularity in the web community. While the game takes obvious cues from the legendary Battlefield, developers decided to discard spectacular graphics and concentrate on the action instead. It may look primitive, sometimes even clumsy, but that’s the whole point! Ravenfield is a fun ragdoll simulation and you just need to get started to completely fall in love with that game!

There are two teams trying to get hold of the map: the red one and the blue one. Choose your side and cut to the chase. Your goal is to gain control of strategically important areas and kill all the members of the opposing team in the process – of course, working shoulder to shoulder with your own allies. The enemy will try to do the same, so keep your eyes peeled! The range of weapons available is quite impressive and each update adds new opportunities. You can even ride a helicopter showering your opponents with explosives from the sky! Victory if possible only through coordinated teamwork! So go ahead and make sure the foes don’t get even an inch of the map!